About Mrs. Simmons


I am a Panther for life! I was born and raised in good 'ol Pittsburg, Kansas. I attended school at St. Mary's from Kindergarten (up above McCullough Gym) through elementary (When there wasn't air conditioning, we'd get out of school for holy days, there was only one classroom for each grade level, and we had nuns for teachers and principals.) and eventually high school. (When you knew everyone in the entire high school and your graduating class had 32 kids.) 

I attended Pittsburg State University where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. After graduation in December, I taught Eighth Grade American History at Central Junior High in Columbus, KS. At the beginning of the 1999 school year I came  "home" and began teaching 6th grade at St. Mary's. In 2000 I moved across the street to the high school where I taught both junior high and high school Technology.  

While attending Pittsburg State I met my husband Eric.  (He's a good 'ol farm boy from western Kansas! He also played football for the Gorillas!!) We were married January 8, 2000. It wasn't long after that we began our family! Our life is pretty hectic with four boys to chase around! If we aren't at a football field, on a basketball court, or at a baseball diamond playing we are probably at one of those stadiums watching! We are a sports family!!! Our family loves the Gorillas, Bengals, and of course our Panthers.

 While it's been awhile since I've been in the classroom, I've always been involved with kids somehow. After leaving teaching, I continued to substitute teach at the high school. Then, in 2002, I took the head girls basketball job for SMC. I coached for 8 seasons and loved every minute of it. I have so many wonderful memories of the girls, the fans, some great games, wonderful coaches, and good friends.  I hated to hang up the whistle, but all of my boys are playing sports of their own, and I just hate the thought of missing it. The competitive spirit in me is still very strong! And I always enjoy catching up with "my" girls!

I am honored once again to be a part of the wonderful staff at St. Mary's Elementary. I am looking forward to a terrific year in Fifth Grade.  Go Big Blue!

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  1. LOL, My first grade picture looks nearly identical to yours, from the plaid jumper, to the peter-pan collar shirt, to the navy blue knee socks. Did you wear saddle shoes?!?! They were required at Saint Joseph's Academy. You should share that picture with your students!

    Love how your blog is coming along...crisp, clean, and organized!

    Take Care,

    Read With Me ABC