Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is it? It's a MAJOR award!

Now when you read the title of this blog post, you need to read it with The Christmas Story in mind. (You know when he's showing off his prized leg lamp to the neighbors outside.) No, I didn't win a lamp for my crazy mad crossword puzzle skills. It's even better! I received an email from Wendy saying she nominated me for the Liebster Award. Wendy was one of my very first followers and such a help when I was setting up my blog! You should check her blog out at: Read With Me ABC.

Just a little background about the Liebster Award:
Award Background

Liebster is a german word that means "dearest," "lovely," or "cute." The purpose of this award is to recognize new blogs that are worth a look. 

The 'rules' to accept this award...

  • Link back to the blogs that nominated me
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
  • Answer the questions posted for us by my nominator
  • Share 11 random facts about me
  • Create 11 questions for my nominees
  • Contact my nominees and let them know of their nomination 
About Me! (Featuring questions from Wendy)
1.  Tell us about your family.
I am married to my best friend and we have four very sweet, very active, boys! Nope, not trying for that girl, just in case someone was going to ask a follow-up question.
2.  Where did you go on your last vacation? last vacation was to Dallas back around Spring Break. But next weekend my husband and I are going for a little R&R to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Just the two of us, NO KIDS!! I can't wait!
3.  Coke or Pepsi?
Definitely Pepsi! Although I prefer Cherry Coke over Cherry Pepsi. Weird.
4.  What's the last movie you watched?
We took the boys to Monsters University and it was really cute. I loved Monsters Inc, so I was hoping Monsters University would match my expectations!
5.  Favorite store to shop in?
Oh wow, this is a tough one. I LOVE Target, I just wish I lived closer to one. But I also love Hobby Lobby and could spend hours in there.
6.  What would you pick as your last meal?
Easy, my last meal would be my mom's lasagna! I love her lasagna with cauliflower/broccoli salad, orange tapioca salad, and rolls. May just have to make that for dinner tomorrow.
7.  Top three blogs you read?
Wow, this is also a hard one. Ever since finding out about Bloglovin' and then picking up the blogging myself, I've found a lot of good ones. I'd say the Top 3 I read every day are:
 8.  Share a quote that is meaningful to you.
I LOVE quotes!! For 8 seasons I coached high school basketball and years before that I coached junior high sports. Before every practice I'd begin with a quote. I'm planning on doing this in my classroom and displaying a quote of some kind for the kids to reflect on. My most favorite quote was painted in our locker room. "Today's Champions are built by yesterday's efforts."
9.  What super power would you like to possess?
I think if I could have a super power it would be speed. If I had super speed I could have a clean house, dinner made, laundry done, and papers graded before heading out to the next sporting event. I'd also be able to race from one kid's game to the next kid's game! Yep, it would definitely speed. 
10. Name one item you can't live without.
The one thing I couldn't live without would probably be my contacts. I really don't like wearing glasses unless I just HAVE to. And I've been wearing glasses/contacts since 1st grade. 
11.  Tell us a funny school story.
Well, I've only taught for a year so I don't have a TON of stories to choose from. A funny moment in my classroom was when we were all working on a project and I decided to let the kiddos listen to Pandora. It was on a Kid's Bop station and all of a sudden, as they're working, they all begin singing and then breaking down in dance. They were actually pretty good. It almost looked like our own High School Musical. :)

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I graduated college in 3 and half years.
2. My favorite TV show is Scandal.
3. Strawberries are my favorite fruit.  
4. My favorite movie is You've Got Mail and I will stop everything to 
    watch it whenever I find it on TV!  Not sure what I'd do if I was 
    flipping channels during Scandal and found it on.
5. My favorite part of history is the Civil War Era.
6. I coached a high school basketball game 3 days after having my 4th 
    c-section! (Like huddled up - walking the sidelines yelling at refs 
    coaching. I'm pretty proud of that.) 
7. I really want to visit Boston, Charleston, Pearl Harbor, and London.
8. I'm scared of getting sick, snakes, flying, and dying young. 
    (Although I'm getting older, so my idea of  "young" keeps changing 
9. I LOVE to color! Seriously...LOVE it!
10. I used to play the piano, and kinda wish I still could.

My nominations:
1. Ms. Leslie Ann - Life In Fifth Grade
2. Meredith - Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher...
3. Chanty - The Teaching Bug
4. Mrs. P - The Polka Dot Owl
5. Miss Marsolek - Miss Marsolek's Classroom

My questions for them:
1. What is your favorite school supply?
2.  What is the last DIY project you did?

3.  What is your favorite sport and sports team?
4.  How do you come up with blogging topics?
5.  What is your favorite holiday?
6. Who would play you in a movie about your life story?
7.  What is your favorite cookie?
8.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
9.  Do you have a classroom theme, and if you do, what is it?
10. What color best describes you and why?
11. If you could invite someone famous (living/dead) to dinner, who would it be?

Thanks again Wendy for nominating me! I hope you were able to learn a little more about me and will check back often to see what I'm up to in the classroom. I'm also excited to announce that my blog is going to be getting a facelift in a few weeks! I'm so excited to finally have a cute signature and button! :) Be sure to check out all of the other wonderful blogs nominated.



  1. I'm so excited to see your makeover! I'm getting one too! I wonder if we are on the same waiting list.

    It was so fun reading all your answers.

    I had a similar funny story happen my last year in the classroom. I was teaching antonyms to first graders and mentioned the words 'hot' and 'cold' and all my little firsties started signing Katie Perry - Hot N Cold. Omiword, they were so cute. It was so unexpected; it was a laugh out loud moment.

    Read With Me ABC

  2. Congrats on the nomination, Wendy! I grew up in Boston, stayed in Folly Beach outside of Charleston, visited Pearl Harbor (incredible), and visited London. All of these are great places to visit. If you do get to London, ride the Eye and let me know how it was?